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“You can check out any time but you can never leave.” These lines of the famous song by the Eagles now make way more sense to me than they did before. I never really thought about what they could possibly mean, but living in one makes it totally clear. There is so much up in our lovely “Shitty Resort Hostel” that no day passes without happening something. One day you have the Police there, then there's the Fire Brigades coming, for a change the police then sends the forensics and then the whole thing starts again. Now what happened exactly? Let me explain to you from the beginning:

About I-Clouds

120109_forensics_02.jpgFrom the very beginning when I first got here there were a lot of rumors about theft. I-Pod's, Mac-books, I-Phones everything seemed to get lost like there was a big black hole hoovering around the hostel soaking in everything which starts with an “I”. Knowing that people literally started to carry their belongings around all the time which resulted in the hostel appearing to be quite industrious. People were running around with backpacks, laptop bags and man purses (maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit here). As I was working already at the hostel by that time in the housekeeping business I found out that in the hallway, where all the cleaning stuff is stored, the manager also stores some lockers. I told him I could set them up to increase security in the hostel but he didn't want it. He always had excuses for everything in order not to improve anything. So nothing happened for another couple of weeks.

It wasn't until Ray's I-Phone got stolen that Albert (Ray's room mate and a kind of private investigator somewhere in his former life) put me into the position of a private investigator. I actually liked the idea: Kai P.I. What a nice sounding title, and probably good on any resume. Anyway I'll tell you somewhat more about Albert probably in a different blog. But for this time just the facts. As I had access to all the rooms while cleaning we planned that he would equip me with a radio wave detection tool and swipe the rooms of our suspects. When I actually wanted to start the swiping Ray came back to the room because someone “found” his phone. Now, how did this happen?

Ray had his phone tracked by a local Apple store via I-Clouds. And he spread the word about it. So out of a sudden a girl “found” his phone under the sofa in the common room days after he had lost it. This actually wouldn't be special at all, as Ray was one of those Irish who were just drunk literally 24/7. So loosing a phone and not even remembering anything could happen easily. BUT as I was cleaning the whole hostel thoroughly every single day it just couldn't happen finding a phone under that sofa as I had gone through the area several times before. So what DID happen? Someone must have put it there as we spread the word about having it tracked plus we knew, that it still was in the hostel. So this item was now getting way too hot now. Thus we had evidence that probably the thief would be one of the residents of the hostel.

Slaps Giving Day

But that was just the first part of the play. Now let's go for the main part, the climax. The other day, it was a lovely morning outside after a great drinking night, things were going really wild. In the night we already heard the noises of the drunk Irish (although I should stop describing them as drunk, as this is there natural state, so if I ever write about Irish guys you will assume them to be drunk as well in that particular situation as also by the time of writing) who would play around with fire extinguishers, bang the door of the room next door, smack down a flyer-stand in the common room and pretend swimming in there and so on. I had already started work when I saw Ray and Shivon sleeping in the common room. I started outside and when I went to the living room again they had vanished so I could start cleaning there, which I did. Shortly after that I heard the crowd obviously having come to life again on the next level and being in an argument. Out of a sudden the situation seemed to escalate. There was screaming, doors slamming so I ran up to find Ray over Albert, choking him and Albert covered with blood all over the face. He was bleeding from the mouth and had blood all over his shirt. I jumped at Ray to get him off Albert, separated them from each other and entered their room together with them to calm them down. It seemed to work out. They were talking about all the mess which happened. Then Ray again started to push Albert around and you could watch Albert exploding. So now the situation seemed to get out of control. Albert was kneeling down on the ground having his hands under his bed looking for something. I instantly knew he was looking for some kind of weapon, so I just told him to let it be. But he was going on. Then he pulled something from down there, stood up and was threatening Ray. I felt like being in the Kill Bill movie. There he was. Albert the old man holding a samurai sword in his hands, standing in front of that totally pissed Irish drunkard. I backed off not to be involved into the shit but constantly tried to calm the situation down. And it worked. Albert let go of Ray, put down the weapon and we went out again. The police was already there. So what happened to make this happen?

When I saw Ray and Shivon down there in the living room it was obvious that they had something going on but they were just too pissed to let it happen. In the meantime, when I was outside, Ray went up to his bed to sleep. Then shortly after Rivon awoke she must have realized her desperate need for love, went up to Ray's room banged at the door and Albert opened. As he seemed to know, what she was after he refused her entry to the room which then upset the drunk Ray. So the two had a massive argument, Ray slapped Albert and opened the door to let Shivon in. As Albert was still strongly against Shivon's entry they had an argument also and then Shivon kicked Albert in the face, who was still laying in bed. And then it started to escalate. They went out to the hallway and some other Irish guys joined. Some held Albert still to help Ray punching him. And that was when I showed up. The rest is history.

So this is the story which I put together considering all participants points of views. If this is the truth surely nobody will ever know. But I'm sure that it's quite close to it plus it makes a good story this way. In the end all Irish involved were thrown out. Albert who was also meant to leave could finally stay but then chose to leave anyway. Shivon and Amy left there place in a mess pouring noodles all over the floor, spilling coke over their mattress and emptied the trash all over the place. So did the other Irish guys. It took us 2 hours just for the room of Amy and Shivon to get it clean again.

Thefts heaven

Later those days more things got lost/stolen. But the manager – as always – couldn't care less about it, so nothing happened. And the CCTV cameras which are installed, they don't record any activity. It's just ad-hoc surveillance (to see if everybody's working properly). But later on there was a Chinese guy who got his computer stolen. It happened at night time so I was just there to help him. I told him he really needed to call the police to finally maybe make a change to the situation. So I called the cops and translated because he was just very poor in English. They opened a case but that seemed to be it. But it wasn't until the next day when the cops called me in order to arrange a date for forensic fingerprint investigation when I told the manager about that. Now, hearing me talking about forensics, he was just speechless in the first place, but then finally told me to set up the lockers, which I did. It was just a 5 min. job which was easily done.

Bad ain't it? But on the bright side: I have got a really great story for you to tell :D

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