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The Flexitarian Principle

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For over a year now I have been a Vegetarian. Time to review the time that has passed. Well in the first place I wanna talk about the different approaches people take as soon as they hear that I decided to be a Vegetarian. There is a huge variety of reactions, starting from
- aha, well that's interesting, what's your reason?
- OH!...WHYYY?
- hm...but where do you get your protein from then?
- being involved in a very intense, accusing discussion: "that's just not true what you are saying...man has always been eating meat...you lack heaps of vitamin..." in this kind of discussion, one would always find a counter-argument, but the bright side is: So do I.

Well, this blog is not about the pro's and con's of why one could possibly a Vegetarian. It's more of an approach how a former meat-lover (well I should say I still love meat, I just don't eat it anymore) encounters different situations as now being a Vegetarian.
Many people also ask me, whether I'm still Vegetarian after this (short) period and how it's working out for me. Well yeah, for all sceptics: Hell yeah I'm still Vegetarian and it's working out great. There's just one thing I need to amend. First reason to do this is being at peace of mind myself, second reason is, that I'm not a black/white thinker. So that's why I like to call my self a Flexitarian.
And this term reveals my attitude best.
There are occasions when for me it's just appropriate to have some meat:

1. When I'm starving for it.
I can't say that I don't like the taste of meat at all anymore. It's different with sausages, though. And also from time to time I would find myself starving for a piece of meat. But that is for a reason: For me one thing is pretty clear, if I'm starving for something my body tells me, that there's a lack of something which needs to be filled. Of course that could easily be mistaken as an excuse.

2. Whilst travelling.
There are heaps of country where it's literally to provide a proper nutrition if you don't eat what's on the menu. And that mostly contains meat. Which is fine. Because one of the most important reasons why I don't eat meat any more are the circumstances under which cattle is bred and held. In most developing countries they would literally take a chicken which is running around in the streets or in the backyard and slaughter it right before they'll eat it. No drugs involved. If that's any better remains to your own opinion. It's an ethical decision and if you wanna kill animals at all to eat them a different one. Anyway, people who know me also know, food is a mayor issue for me, so I'r rather eat meat whilst travelling than starve.

3. Loss of weight.
One comes together with the other. While I'm travelling I tend to not be able to provide myself with the proper nutrition which I would have back home. As a matter of fact I feel like my pants are growing, or it's my body which is melting. Either way before I'm totally shrunk I prefer to eat animals preferably fish from time to time.

But still I'm a Vegetarian. Because my main nutrition is based on a Vegetarian basis and just occasionally I would tend to add some beast-like ingredients. That's why I'd like to thank Rick for his introduction of the Flexitarian Principle to me.

Today's lesson: Don't think black and white. Think!

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Great entry Kai! You totally get it! Hopefully other people will become inspired as well and follow suit so we can all live better, happier lives.


by Rick

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