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The Comfort Zone Principle

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The beauty of travelling is that you get to know so many different people, from different walks of life, with different points of view, with different approaches towards life and so many ideas. It can be devastating at times but mostly it's going to be inspiring. Some of the things people tell me I have experienced in my own life, some things I heard of before but this was new to me.
It wasn't until I met Jonathan that I got to know a man who kind of swaps the principle of a comfort zone. For those not familiar with it, let me explain it briefly:
The comfort zone basically includes all the things, people, environments basically everything, which you are comfortable with. You feel secure, it's easy to deal with situations as you dealt with them before. There can be trouble in your comfort zone, but you know how to deal with it (mostly). So what's outside of your comfort zone? Everything else which you don't know. People you don't know yet, new situations you have never experienced before (eg. skydiving, parachuting) and everything you wouldn't dare doing if it wasn't just to increase your comfort zone.
Every time you've done something new that will most likely move into your comfort zone the more often you have done it.
Most people, including myself, would tend to increase their comfort zone, but at the same time try to stay within it. I reckon there just different approaches to be outside of your comfort zone. travelling is one of them. But generally speaking I actually recognized that whilst travelling long time I tend to go back to my comfort zone quite often. I would prefer to stay in one place for long time rather than just hopping from one place to another. I'm totally comfortable being out of my comfort zone from time to time in order to increase it. But in the long term run I'd rather be within it. Talking about Jonathan now, he's the only one I met so far who would actually leave a place as soon as he arrives in his comfort zone. That's probably the real kind of an adventurer, explorer whatsoever. I reckon he would be one of those guys who go sailing on a one masted sail boat in order to discover the counter part to the northern hemisphere. The land Down Under. And that my friend makes you not at all a lesser but even more of a man. Or in the words of Baz Luhrman "Don't mess to much with you hair or by the time you are 40 it will look 85."

Today's lesson: "Do one thing every day that scares you."

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