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Leech Alarm!

090812_lanka0278.jpgThe tour to the forest was a bit chaotic but ok. A little adventure trip nothing special to see apart from leeches. Man and there were a lot leeches! Of course I was the first to get a leech and also I knew they're not dangerous and generally not transmit diseases as I realized the bite of a leech I was the one to jump up and down like a small girl detecting a little spider in the dark cellar and I was shouting "leechy, leechy, leechy..." how embarrassing!
Seeing the waterfall was really adventures because I had my camera of course with me and we were walking through the water which reached our hips. But finally we did it! Although it was raining (hey, didn't I mention I was going to the rain forest? :-) we had a great trip!

Today's lesson: Don't take it too serious!

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Some like it hot

090812_lanka0568.jpgWell, Upuveli is just one point of my trip. And every place has its own story. So here it comes: In this tiny little village I got to know two American guys - Josh and Royal. Josh is an independent writer and among other writes for the Lonely Planet - the traveler's bible.

Too bad for the owner of our hostel that he disperses rat poison and we found a dog and two crows dying in front of our rooms the next day. The dog is just in its last breaths. Definitely that's no good advertisement for the hotel. Anyway, in the evening we talk about "The war to end all wars" and hope that the Sri Lankan war was not like that one. Talking to Royal in the same way feels like talking to a life-time traveler on one side but on the other he is a kind of "hermit" with tons of experience and now settling down to find peace just laying at the beach in the sun enjoying life.

Lesson of the day: "Better think twice."

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Feeling like Asterix and Obelix conquering Rome

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Having a look at my map where I mark where I have been, I start feeling like Asterix and Obelix in the mental-home. Running from one point to another without a proper destination going forth and back, across and back again. So that's what my map looks like. Not like a proper planned journey. But it always carries me to those places where nice opportunities are waiting for me. The next challenge.

So I went to Rakwana today just having a look at my friend's the "Freddy Mercurie look-a-like" home, visiting a waterfall which is producing electricity and the next day getting up really early to get the very first bus to Colombo and from there heading on to Trincomalee. I was traveling the whole day, first by bus then by train. Arriving around 7:00 pm. I decided not to stay in the Lonely Planet recommended Nilaveli but just to go to Upuveli where scuba-diving was assumed to be. But soon I worked out that it would not be possible to do it over here. You had to take a marine boat which takes you to Pigeon Island because the Navy does not issue licenses for local boat owners to takes tourists to that island. So the next day I just had a look at the Trinco fort. But Trinco at that time is not worth the visit. You just waste time coming here despite you're interested in just hanging around.

Todays lesson: Sometimes you travel, sometimes you just hang out.

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Awaking with the muezzin listening to the sound of silence

090812_lanka0485.jpgI love it. That's what being abroad is all about. Listening to different sounds, inhaling alien smells, seeing weird colors and shapes and mixing it to make up the flavor of adventures and experiences. Arugam Bay itself is quite boring. It's all about surfing. The guys hanging around here are just interested in this one thing. Getting up early in the morning at 4:30am to catch the very first waves every single day, surfing throughout the whole day, talking about surfing the rest of the day and going to bed early in order to get up to catch the first waves the next day. There's just few nightlife, everything concentrates on the weekend where a party happens in the only club which got a license to serve alcoholic beverages.

Thus I get to live the life of a surfer guy. Two and a half days just getting up early (well basically NOT at 4:30 but 8:00 am). And well, I sort of liked it but just the sportive part. Experiencing a deserted village in the evening is definitely not what I expected. But well: Expect the unexpected! So there was always someone to chat up to and I did a lot of reading! But waves got worse after two days or more likely they disappeared so that surfing was more like sitting on the board and trying to catch the two waves rolling in within three hours.

The last day I got to know Fasmeen. A hotel owner the Lonely Planet described as "a remarkable Freddy Mercury look-alike". I was relaxing in a hammock of his restaurant thinking about future and what to do after studies, thinking what you could make out of this run-down restaurant. I told him about my ideas and soon he wanted me to join his business. He sort of didn't wanna let me go, but anyway the next day I had to move on because waiting for the waves pissed me off. So came that he invited me to his home in the middle of the country. We started the next day. Well, "Why not?" I thought by myself (It's also the name of a restaurant at Hikkaduwa's beach, and it's a really great idea to call your restaurant like this).

Today's lesson: Why? ... Why not?

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Strolling Along Tea Plantations

090812_lanka0387.jpgToday hanging out with a Californian couple. We visited the Lipton's seat. When I'm back in Germany I can report I've been to this important sight where the inventor of one of the most popular tea labels was supposed to have a great view over his tea plantations. Well, the real story behind it is, we were just too stingy to pay the entrance fees for Horton's Plains. But I got loads of pictures of tea pickers. Justin was afraid of taking picture of them in the first place. But he realized that it's no problem at all. When the workers saw our cameras they were approaching us asking for pictures. And they had readily prepared some little slips of paper with their addresses and asked us to send them some pictures. It was a great experience just being part of this enormous process of tea picking.

090812_lanka0462.jpgThe day after I planned to go to Arugam Bay which is famous for its surfing. So I directly wanted to have a short visit to Ella to get a massage and ayurvedic treatment. But it was a bit disappointing as those people did not seem to be experts in what they were doing. And like always, I did not catch the bus I primarily wanted to catch because I had to get some cash before to pay the hostel. Thus I got to visit a nice temple on my way.

After all I finally managed to hurry on to Arugam Bay. So you find it hard to follow? Yeah it is! I find it hard to follow as well so I'm just writing down short information to remind myself about what I've been doing. Maybe I should write a novel with all the little details.

Today's lesson: Things just change the way you force them to be.

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