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Right In Time

090812_lanka0360.jpgSo...hurrying on to the north-east the bus was late this morning. We were supposed to catch the bus at 10:00 am but it didn't arrive until 1:00 pm. So, what can you do all the time. You never know when it could come or even if it will come. So you lay down, relax, have some tea and I really got to know where the saying 'just wait and drink a cup of tea' comes from. Definitely Sri Lankan people are great at this issue. At the bus station where we had to change buses we nearly missed the last bus going to our next destination because we were really hungry and in the need to go to some restaurant. Anyway we were just in time to catch the bus which was already moving. You feel like in a western movie. The doors always opened and you're able to get on and drop off the bus at nearly any time. So we did arrive finally late in the evening. The next days we had some nice stroll along the railways being guided by a group of kids who made some fun about just walking in front of us or behind us but never being to far to be out of sight. We had marvelous views over the hill country, tea plantations, walking through tunnels and heading towards a city which seemed to be kind of a ghost city. No shops, banks to sit down, nothing! And apparently no trains to bring us back. The sun was burning down brutally. And finally after one hour there was a train.

090812_lanka0351.jpgThe description of the hotel by Lonely Planet was like "just stay there if nothings else is available". What a fucked up description for a hotel frightening the people to go there. But we did got there, after our former choice was booked completely. And our new pick was a great chance. Clean rooms, everything's fine. Nice food. So we have been really fucked up about such a devastating description. So anyone to read this: If you stay in Haputale once, definitely go to Sri Lak View Hotel and give some greetings to Raja. The guy who helped us most with anything we needed. So our first rooms in this hotel were quite new, smelling muddy at we had some cockroaches which were of the opinion that there are not enough of them. Just have a look at the photo :-)

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The Hippies Are Back

090812_lanka0255.jpgI met a German couple. Well he was a perfect hippie-lookalike on first sight. But thei're different. It's a couple basically living and working for traveling. Working some month and then travel half a year...And so on. Sounds interesting. As we had the same destination we decided to make our way together for some while. So we have been to Sinharaja Forest. A natural reserve. The guy we wanted to rent a room at he was really fucked up. I mean he was so fucking unfriendly, he was running up and down, not really looking at us while talking, showed us the room and it was a really spooky mud-pit. Don't know, think it must have been built some 1000 years ago. But as he told us the prices for the tour to the forest and for the rooms I was really getting angry. But as I tried to bargain the prices down he started with complaining that in Germany going to the toilet costs one euro. That was the moment we instantly turned our backs towards him and left the place. The guy we stayed at later was a really nice guy...

Today's lesson: The Lonely Planet is not a bible!

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Another Day at the Beach

090812_lanka0218.jpgWell...It's quite difficult sometimes to decide how to go on. Today I think I revised my plans quite a few times. Going further south or up to the Hill Country were my main purposes. I was getting forth and back, but finally decided to stay in the south and go on to Unawatuna. That was a great decision. As soon as I arrived this nice layed-back beach place attracted me immediately. And I even met I guy again I got to know in Hikkaduwa and a German/British couple who is going to run a 5 star hotel from November. Well the clue about it is, that he learnt carpentry and she studied Anthropology but now is working with an NGO in Hikkaduwa. That's a nice development. No bad carrer basically. So we all met in the Hard Rock Bar in the evening and it was a quite funny evening. Basically that's what the following evenings were made of as well. Getting up not too early, having lunch at the Coral Light which is the best though local place to be. It's got cheap prices and the best fruit juice in whole Sri Lanka. Than after go to the Hard Rock, having some tea, dozing in the sun, reading throughout the day. One evening this freaky couple invited me to a party of some friends.

Today's lesson: Always think twice!

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Let's Go Surfing Now, Everybody's Learning How

090812_lanka0210.jpgA day at the beach again. Man you gotta wait really long time to catch a wave. But if catching a wave I did quite well. That was a nice feeling just like flying. The wave pushes and pushes you on...Great!!! After I was so hungry that I really had to find some nice restaurant. I strolled along the streets and suddenly a restaurant kind of magnetically drew me into the location. I did not wanna eat there because it really looked expansive but I talked to the owner and he asked me how much I could afford. So I told him and he said, ok no problem I'll serve you something for that price! Then he asked if he could read my palm because it were his hobby. Man I tell you, what he was able to read just about my past - I never talked to this guy before, and I did not tell him anything about myself, that was really crazy. He even could tell me about the accident during New Years Eve two years before! But what he told me about my future let's me relax!

Today's lesson: Everything's possible, believe the unbelievable!

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Cricket - Or the Most Boring Sport in the World

090812_lanka0201.jpgToday I joined the English man I got to know in Negombo. He was ok, talking a lot, but ok. For longer time to exhausting but for one day it was ok. He payed everything wich I did not want, well but what should I do? :-) Ok cricket is so boring that it's not worth telling something about it. But the Sri Lankans won the game. That's it.
Afterwards we went to a party at the vibrations where I met a surfer guy who would give me lessons the next day.

Lesson of the day: There are things you wanna see, and things you cannot see. But all are true!

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