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King of the Bongo

090812_lanka0187.jpgArriving at Hikkaduwa train station. Now I knew how things are workin' and I ain't do the same mistakes twice. So I dropped off the train and was enjoying to watch how things run. So as i dropped out of the exit of the train station I had complete overview of all 3-wheeler drivers, potentially touts and so I relaxed. This moment seemed to last for minutes but was a decision which had to be drawn within seconds. And PLOP I saw a guy. I was looking like literally smelling a tourist must have dropped off the train. He scanned the open space in front of the train station like a a submarine. And suddenly it seemed to make a clear and loud 'beeep, beep, bep, bip.....beeep, beep, bep bip....' in his head. Her had recognized the white guy he could surely easyly make friends with...But I would be prepared. I would just bang him out of life..."Sir, you need a tuc-tuc?" Dutifully I replied "Well I wanna go to the Beach View Hotel" Bang! Shithead! You didn't wanna talk to those people, I thought to myself..."I can show you a better and cheaper one" "No I wanna have a look at the hotel I chose before" I insisted. But anyway the hotel he recommended was the better choice, so i went there. An old man who had significantly suffered from the tsunami guided me. I told him my story about Ambalangoda and well he knew, what was going on. Well he was a nice guy and I decided to have some beer with him. So we had some really cheap beer at a local beer stall, strolled along the shore and had a great conversation. So he invited me to his home, invited me to have dinner at his home. So his son came for us in his three-weeler which was a unique collection of colorful flowers, Bob Marley music, big speakers in the back and a magic tree in the front. So arrived at his home we listened to bobby again and with his whole family we were drumming on some plastic chairs. I started because I always must do something with my fingers. And then his little son joined me and later we were all drumming, dancing and chilling on the veranda. It was like Sri Lanka wanted to excuse itself for the last days. Well thanks Sri Lanka! You did well hold on.

Today's lesson: Expect the unexpected! Watch out for the song by Dog eat Dog. You'll know what I mean.

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Ich fand das ganz große Glück im Zug nach Ambalangoda

090812_lanka0050.jpgOk, Colombo is the hell of a shit. It's filthy, really fuckin filthy...It' so filthy that the litter sickens at itself. Well you must not underestimate it though! It's worth seing it but one night is definetily enough for the first time as you anyway can return later. So I decided to go to Bentota. On my journey down there I realised that this place might be, say....not so special and to rough out of the season. So I wanted to drop off the train just one station later as a local guy I asked told me, that there is a station as well. Anyway we did stop there, but there was no station. Thinking of just dropping off the train and crossing the railway through the grass it started alraedy moving. Ok that's the hell of a chance just to do it Western style. Jumping off a driving train. Who has not ever wanted to do it? But than I said. hey let's see where I can get off next time. So I went to Ambalangoda where I wanted to go anyway.

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2 And 2 Is 9

090812_lanka0137.jpgI gotta learn my lesson! Arriving in Amablangoda where I wanted to meet the family I got to know on the plane to Sri Lanka I had an argument with the personnel collecting the tickets. He did not get that I missed the station in Bentota and was talking to me, that Ambalangoda is not Bentota, which I knew, of course! So there were some friendly locals translating. And here is the beginning of the disaster. They brought me to the hotel where I wanted to go but it was to expensive so I decided to have a look at their recommendation. And then one thing followed the other. They offered me a tour guiding me which was absolute ok, because they wanted to show me the things I wanted to see anyway for a reasonable price. But on out trip loads of people were involved like showing me some bullshit like an ape which I could photograph and so on. And of course they wanted to entertain and have money. However. The boat-trip was supposed to be 5000 Rs instead of 1500 Rs so I had to bargain again. Bla bla bla...poor Student, ok for you as a 'friend' bla bla bla...'local price' bla 'tsunami' bla ba bla bla 'milk-powder for my little daughter'
Hey folks, you gotta EARN ya money! It won't rain down from the sky just because ya being poor...
And as if it has not been enough, the owner of the hotel cheated at me charging the first night twice, which I had already paid. Although I checked the bill, I didn't get the mistake immediately and recognized it as recently as I was on the train. That's bad for ya. Better you gotta learn!

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Colombo 32° C, the Hairstyle Remains Stable

090812_lanka0045.jpgThe YMCA Hotel ist nearly the most fucked up hotel I've ever seen. In german it say's: 'Vacation on the farm. Recreation for body and soul' In the YMCA I definetly feel like on a farm. Precisely in the pigpen. But still that's definetly cleaner than here. Here people seem to just take the garden hose and disperse the shit to the walls. Ok so you just save painting the walls, as they literally grow in the finest colours. So I prefer going out to the park watching something nicer...

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Sherry Sherry Lady - oder Homosexualität in Sri Lanka

Mal wieder im Sherry Land gewesen mit Mogli dem Surfer und natuerlich hab ich auch die Hollaender wieder getroffen. Gut gewesen, Bier 090812_lanka0041.jpggetrunken, Spass gehabt. Die Hollaender gehen, Kai bleibt natuerlich mit Mogli bis zum Schluss. Brandy mixt man hier mit Sprite, ned schlecht. Das schmeckt und wirkt. Naja irgendwann ist auch das beste Sit-in vorbei, die Bar schliesst. Tuc-Tucs (die Dreiraeder-Taxis) brauche ich hier nicht, schliesslich findet sich immer spontan einer der netten Sri Lanker, die immer fuer einen gefallen gut sind und bringt dich nach Haus. Bis aufeinmal der gute Don beim Rueckwaertsfahren verdaechtig touchy wird. Schwule Maedchen! Denke ich, da fahren wir auch schon im Schildkroetentempo an meinem Hotel vorbeifahren. Ich sag nur ' Hey! There's my hotel!' und er meint 'Uh! Where?' Aber nicht mit mir. Na fahr doch da vorn du Spast! Er haelt, ich steige aus. Sein Glueck!

Das ist uebrigens nicht der Typ auf dem Bild. Der Typ auf dem Bild ist der nette Tuc-Tuc Fahrer 'Michael' der mich von sich aus ohne Verhandeln fuert 'local-preise' faehrt. Naja also local insofern, dass ich ned den 'normalen' Touripreis bezahle, sondern wohl nur so maximal das Doppelte von dem was locals bezahlen. aber das ist ok!

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