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Melbourne vs. Sydney 03.08.2012
The sausage battle. Three short stories on drunkards life 20.07.2012
The Comfort Zone Principle 10.06.2012
The Flexitarian Principle 21.04.2012
The Jameson-Gen 15.04.2012
The Double-Backpack-Man 27.02.2012
Ever missed an airplane? 01.02.2012
Stripper's Paradise 24.01.2012
Two sides of a coin 16.01.2012
Hotel California 22.12.2011
Getting to know the city 25.11.2011
In Australia everybody is a mate 15.11.2011
Up up and away 14.11.2011
Where is the island? 26.11.2009
Long time no see... 29.10.2009
Leech Alarm! 24.09.2009
Some like it hot 02.09.2009
Feeling like Asterix and Obelix conquering Rome 28.08.2009
Awaking with the muezzin listening to the sound of silence 27.08.2009
Strolling Along Tea Plantations 26.08.2009
Right In Time 25.08.2009
The Hippies Are Back 23.08.2009
Another Day at the Beach 22.08.2009
Let's Go Surfing Now, Everybody's Learning How 21.08.2009
Cricket - Or the Most Boring Sport in the World 20.08.2009
King of the Bongo 19.08.2009
Ich fand das ganz große Glück im Zug nach Ambalangoda 18.08.2009
2 And 2 Is 9 18.08.2009
Colombo 32° C, the Hairstyle Remains Stable 16.08.2009
Sherry Sherry Lady - oder Homosexualität in Sri Lanka 15.08.2009
Vermeer... 14.08.2009
Negombo, Colombo? Egal, ich bin der King of the Congo! 13.08.2009
Insomnia - I Can't Get No Sleep 12.08.2009