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Melbourne vs. Sydney

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IMG_0005.jpgSometimes it's hard to make decisions, sometimes it isn't. And sometimes the universe helps you along, if you can't take initiative. When I was in Melbourne after an amazing trip with my girl-friend I kinda felt miserable. Why? Because I was broke. Originally, before I came to Australia, I thought I have sufficient funds for at least four to fife month of carefree traveling. Well, it wasn't! There were quite a few occasions, which weren't planned though and changed the whole character of my traveling. It was still good, just different. I made heaps of good decisions and experiences, which just happened to let me end up broke. So I found myself in Melbourne, a magnificent artisan city with vibrant nightlife, a good decent coffee scene and slower pace than in Sydney.

When you have been to either Sydney or Melbourne or better even both, people will ask you: "Which city did you like more?" Sometimes people will answer that Melbourne is the classy brunette whereas Sydney is the bitchy blonde. Weeeell, this might sound offending to some women so I prefer a different approach: I consider Melbourne to be more of a dinner-gala with women in dresses and the men in tuxedos. The music was classic or at least decent. The ladies are drinking Cosmopolitans and the gentlemen whiskey. On the other side Sydney I compare with a Stiffler party. Do you remember that beer-filled jerk from the movie "American Pie"? Heaps of students are rushing towards his legendary parties, loud party music is playing, people getting wasted with the cheapest alcohol and waking up the next day with their head in the toilet basin. This kinda reveals my goon-intoxicated perception of Sydney. I might be wrong but as money was scarce whilst staying in Melbourne I might not have discovered it's dirty secrets...

Today's lesson: "Sometimes you want Sushi sometimes Kebab as dinner. What's better now? You decide!"

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The sausage battle. Three short stories on drunkards life

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Finally I get to write more about one of those legendary experiences which happened back in Sydney. It was that time when the "Shitty Resort Hostel" was full of life. A pulsating heart with strong arteries. At that time we were a mixed group of travelers staying there for a couple of weeks. British, Irish, Scottish, German, Dutch but primarily British. During that time I was working at that hostel what meant less drinking and more working for me, especially getting up early every single morning.
Some of those guys you could call professional drinkers or drink-workers as it appeared that they had nothing much to do, apart from that. There was one guy I haven't seen sober in the whole period of let it be 6 weeks or more. A funny, out-going, great guy. Just as a matter of fact he happened to get violent from time to time when he was drunk. As he always was drunk, guess what?!
So let me just paint the following picture for you to give you a slight idea, how living in the "Shitty Resort" was like:

111127_kakadu_23.jpgThe Sausage Battle
At one of the barbies we used to hold on the rooftop, the pissed guys were preparing some sausages and some of them just casually sitting at the table. Then out of a sudden one of them, let's call him Jim, threw a sausage at Tim. He didn't react. Then Jim threw another sausages at Jim. Nothing happened either. So he started throwing more sausages at Jim, even hitting him with some of those grease filled gut bags. Then finally Jim told him to stop it, which didn't not happen. After Tim had several times warned Jim not to go on throwing sausages at him out of a sudden Tim took one of those frying pans to throw it at Jim but not hitting him severely. Then Jim took the pan in reverse to throw it at Tim like you would toss away a grenade which was about to explode. Then Tim jumped from behind the bar towards Jim, take the table which was in between the two in order to take him by the collar, shake him to awake him, to finally make him stop it.
That my friends, was the legendary sausage battle.

The Magazine Swimming Pool
It happened to become a routine. Drinking started usually something in between the time of 6:00am and 6:00pm. Sometimes it was tough to say if people actually started drinking or if they had just come home from drinking. So this was one of those mornings where I started for work (hell yeah, I worked a lot...) finding the "crew" scattered all over the floor, the furniture and the hallway around the common room. Usually you would recognize yellow steam, which is a mixture of exhaled remnants of beer and typically goon, hovering around the entrance area. When you enter the common room you will also find the floor covered with flyers from a close-by flyer-stand. What happened, and I observed this with my own intoxicated eyes, is that Tim was lying on the floor, literally swimming in the masses of flyers. After that he normally wouldn't manage to lift himself anymore which is why I always found him in the next morning in exact the same position where we left him at night. Just one, maybe a little bit odd thing, happened to him: When I found him he was mostly covered with a variety of fire-extinguisher foam, pen marks on his face and body, toothpaste on the nose, goon spilled over his body, his pants pulled down and last not least a message written on his cheek with an arrow pointing towards his mouth reading: "insert dick here".

The Fallen Angel
It was one of those party nights, where everybody was out to have some fun. It was a great, vibrating, goon-filled, high-energetic atmosphere. One of those guys was wearing some angel wings which obviously revealed him being on a pull. We were in O'Malleys, it was the Monday karaoke night, singing our favorite hits "New York, New York", "Suspicious Minds" and "Ring of Fire". The arch-angel wasn't seen after we entered the pub. Just every now and then those wings were twinkling at the bar or on the dance-floor.
The next morning an angel had fallen. It was obvious: I was cleaning again (did I say I kind of hate-loved this job? I hated it because it made me wake up very early every single morning but I loved it, because I was always best informed of what happened in and around the hostel, thus me being more of an observer at this stage of my travelling), so when I was entering the laundry room I found those angel wings accompanied by an empty packing of condoms and a blanket still laying over the washing machine. I was happy that it was just the empty packing and nothing more.

Today's lesson: There're times where you're the protagonist and times where you're just a background actor. Both is fun!

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The Comfort Zone Principle

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The beauty of travelling is that you get to know so many different people, from different walks of life, with different points of view, with different approaches towards life and so many ideas. It can be devastating at times but mostly it's going to be inspiring. Some of the things people tell me I have experienced in my own life, some things I heard of before but this was new to me.
It wasn't until I met Jonathan that I got to know a man who kind of swaps the principle of a comfort zone. For those not familiar with it, let me explain it briefly:
The comfort zone basically includes all the things, people, environments basically everything, which you are comfortable with. You feel secure, it's easy to deal with situations as you dealt with them before. There can be trouble in your comfort zone, but you know how to deal with it (mostly). So what's outside of your comfort zone? Everything else which you don't know. People you don't know yet, new situations you have never experienced before (eg. skydiving, parachuting) and everything you wouldn't dare doing if it wasn't just to increase your comfort zone.
Every time you've done something new that will most likely move into your comfort zone the more often you have done it.
Most people, including myself, would tend to increase their comfort zone, but at the same time try to stay within it. I reckon there just different approaches to be outside of your comfort zone. travelling is one of them. But generally speaking I actually recognized that whilst travelling long time I tend to go back to my comfort zone quite often. I would prefer to stay in one place for long time rather than just hopping from one place to another. I'm totally comfortable being out of my comfort zone from time to time in order to increase it. But in the long term run I'd rather be within it. Talking about Jonathan now, he's the only one I met so far who would actually leave a place as soon as he arrives in his comfort zone. That's probably the real kind of an adventurer, explorer whatsoever. I reckon he would be one of those guys who go sailing on a one masted sail boat in order to discover the counter part to the northern hemisphere. The land Down Under. And that my friend makes you not at all a lesser but even more of a man. Or in the words of Baz Luhrman "Don't mess to much with you hair or by the time you are 40 it will look 85."

Today's lesson: "Do one thing every day that scares you."

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The Flexitarian Principle

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For over a year now I have been a Vegetarian. Time to review the time that has passed. Well in the first place I wanna talk about the different approaches people take as soon as they hear that I decided to be a Vegetarian. There is a huge variety of reactions, starting from
- aha, well that's interesting, what's your reason?
- OH!...WHYYY?
- hm...but where do you get your protein from then?
- being involved in a very intense, accusing discussion: "that's just not true what you are saying...man has always been eating meat...you lack heaps of vitamin..." in this kind of discussion, one would always find a counter-argument, but the bright side is: So do I.

Well, this blog is not about the pro's and con's of why one could possibly a Vegetarian. It's more of an approach how a former meat-lover (well I should say I still love meat, I just don't eat it anymore) encounters different situations as now being a Vegetarian.
Many people also ask me, whether I'm still Vegetarian after this (short) period and how it's working out for me. Well yeah, for all sceptics: Hell yeah I'm still Vegetarian and it's working out great. There's just one thing I need to amend. First reason to do this is being at peace of mind myself, second reason is, that I'm not a black/white thinker. So that's why I like to call my self a Flexitarian.
And this term reveals my attitude best.
There are occasions when for me it's just appropriate to have some meat:

1. When I'm starving for it.
I can't say that I don't like the taste of meat at all anymore. It's different with sausages, though. And also from time to time I would find myself starving for a piece of meat. But that is for a reason: For me one thing is pretty clear, if I'm starving for something my body tells me, that there's a lack of something which needs to be filled. Of course that could easily be mistaken as an excuse.

2. Whilst travelling.
There are heaps of country where it's literally to provide a proper nutrition if you don't eat what's on the menu. And that mostly contains meat. Which is fine. Because one of the most important reasons why I don't eat meat any more are the circumstances under which cattle is bred and held. In most developing countries they would literally take a chicken which is running around in the streets or in the backyard and slaughter it right before they'll eat it. No drugs involved. If that's any better remains to your own opinion. It's an ethical decision and if you wanna kill animals at all to eat them a different one. Anyway, people who know me also know, food is a mayor issue for me, so I'r rather eat meat whilst travelling than starve.

3. Loss of weight.
One comes together with the other. While I'm travelling I tend to not be able to provide myself with the proper nutrition which I would have back home. As a matter of fact I feel like my pants are growing, or it's my body which is melting. Either way before I'm totally shrunk I prefer to eat animals preferably fish from time to time.

But still I'm a Vegetarian. Because my main nutrition is based on a Vegetarian basis and just occasionally I would tend to add some beast-like ingredients. That's why I'd like to thank Rick for his introduction of the Flexitarian Principle to me.

Today's lesson: Don't think black and white. Think!

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The Jameson-Gen

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Staying in the City Resort Hostel is more like living in a cinema. Apart from the fact, that there is no actual screen but you are part of the plot. You can decide to take part whenever you want or just observe and enjoy yourself.

Having been living here for a while, I saw a lot of Irish guys coming and going. Actually there was a bunch of people living there for quite a while. All of them, when they're sober, nice, enjoyable, funny people to stay with. When they're sober. But actually I never saw them sober. That's where I start asking myself this one question. Over weeks, they were drinking at nighttime, when I got up for work, they were still drinking. When I finished work, they had a new box of goon (very cheap wine). Then I went jogging and when I returned I would usually welcomed with another, new, sort of liquor. Next I would take a shower and have a meal on the rooftop. When I just sat down it happened, that the crowd would join me on the rooftop having something different in their hands, which was a mixture between energy-drink, goon and beer. Well, what I was asking myself is: Several hours had passed. We were going through at least one, usually several periods of sunrise and sunset. So how can a human being possibly bear constantly being under such conditions? The answer:
Scientist have found, that there is a new gen, which was just recently discovered. It's actually subject to modification of a different gen. They found that Jameson whiskey contains certain particles which will transform your gens if consumed frequently. This they called the Jameson-Gen. There we go. There is an explanation to this phenomenon.

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